Hugh Nunn Wholesale Ltd is a family business growing choice garden plants in the UK. We supply plants to other wholesale growers and to garden centres.

Hugh and Liz Nunn of Hugh Nunn Nurseryman retired in Spring 2015. Their nursery in Harvington near Evesham has been sold. The breeding lines of Harvington Hellebores®, Roscoea, Trilliums and Erythronium have been taken over by their daughter Penny Dawson at her nursery near Stamford in Lincolnshire.

The breeding programme of our trademarked collection of Helleborus x orientalis hybrids ‘Harvington Hellebores®’ continues apace. Each year we are selecting new and improved colours and forms with more than 25 distinctive, clear coloured single and double flower strains available. We supply young plants and liners to several wholesale growers in the UK who grow them on for the garden centre trade.

Our Roscoea, Trillium and Erythronium are grown and sold to quality plant centres within the British Isles. We are continuing to breed and select the very best garden-worthy strains within each of these captivating genera.

Please contact Penny by email for further information.

If you are a retail customer we have an online shop where you can buy most of our plants in season. Visit our website